Containment Failure – Belly Squish

by | Dec 3, 2023 | 3D Animation, Early Access, Interactive | 4 comments

Domenic pulled out the little man and wants to show him their enormous belly! I’m sure the little guy won’t mind at all!

Enjoy POV and 2 third person angles with teases and squishes!


Audio – DinoBellyLover66

Domenic the I-Rex – DinoBellyLover66


  1. Jack

    Very Nice. Hopefully a vore version will be made. 🫰

  2. Zachary Hummell

    I think the audio may be different than the interactive one

    • Spruce Moki

      There is a different track used in the video compared to the interactive. The interactive has to loop, so the audio has to loop with it. The audio designer made a unique nonlooping track for the video.

    • Spruce Moki

      I understand what you meant now. Someone else pointed it out to me today upon public release and I apparently had the gurgle channel muted when I exported it. Whoops! It’s all fixed now.

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