Why Buck Club?

  • Built right into SpruceMoki.com!
  • More convenient!
  • Less hassle syncing from Patreon
  • More affordable than Patreon with Buck Club Quarterly – as low as $5/mo.
  • Secure transactions through Stripe.
  • More of your money goes to support me rather than to Patreon’s platform fees.

Why not stick with Patreon?

  • Patreon has a 8% platform fee on top of a transaction fee AND payout fee. Buck Club will allow me to avoid all but the transaction fee, which I can extend to you in the form of lower monthly rates!
  • Patreon’s continued support is unknown! With other services such as Gumroad and K0-Fi restricting NSFW content, Patreon may not be far behind. By joining Buck Club, you can help me become less dependant on Patreon.

What can I expect from my subscription?

  • 1 high quality animation per month, usually between 30 seconds to 2 minutes long complete with audio.
  • Work in progress updates for Buck Club subscribers.
  • Stay up to date and in the know with exclusive access to my Roadmap page.

We do not store your card information or other sensitive data on our servers. For any transaction Spruce Moki Animation Studio uses the services of a secure payment gateway (Stripe) to provide safe and secure payment procedures. Your payment information is never transmitted via this website since the payment gateway is responsible for collecting, storing and encrypting your data.