Frequently Asked Questions

Buck Club or Patreon? How do I access early access content?

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Buck Club or Patreon?

Why Buck Club?

  • Built right into!
  • More convenient!
  • Less hassle syncing from Patreon
  • More affordable than Patreon. As low as $5/mo with Buck Club Quarterly.
  • Secure transactions through Stripe.

Why not stick with Patreon?

  • Patreon has a 5% platform fee on top of a transaction fee AND payout fee. Buck Club will allow me to avoid all but the transaction fee, which I can extend to you in the form of lower monthly rates!
  • Patreon’s WordPress plugin can be terribly unreliable especially during high traffic which causes syncing errors or delays. Buck Club should resolve these issues!
  • More of your subscription supports me rather than a large corporation like Patreon.

What can I expect from my subscription?

  • 2 high quality animation per month, usually between 30 seconds to 2 minutes long complete with audio.
  • Work in progress updates for Buck Club subscribers.
  • Stay up to date and in the know with exclusive access to my Roadmap page.

How do I play interactive animations?


  • Chrome browser is best. Other browsers may work but not officially supported by the web player developer.
  • High speed internet recommended.
  • Headphones recommended.


  • Mobile devices should work but not guaranteed by web player developer.
  • Chrome browser works best. Other browsers may work but not officially supported by the web player developer.
  • Strong/Fast Wi-Fi or data signal.
  • Headphones recommended.

ios devices

  • iOS devices are hit and miss with compatibility. Some have no problems, others can’t play the interactives at all.
  • iOS is not officially supported by the web player developer.

Final notes: A preview of the interactive is provided during early access in order to provide a suitable test for users to determine if their device can play the content before subscribing to access the content.

NO REFUNDS for incompatibility issues.

How do I play VR/360 video animations?

PC with VR headset

  • Please refer to the video provided.

Mobile Phone

I use VRTV (free).

Load the video with these settings:

  • Screen = Flat
  • Video Type = 3D SBS
  • Projection = Normal.
  • If you have performance issues, go into the gear cog for options > general > toggle frameskip.