Containment Failure

by | Dec 1, 2023 | 3D Animation | 15 comments

There was chaos yelling. You thought hiding in the utility closet would be your best bet in such a short time… but now you’re trapped.

45 second maw tease animation loop with audio!


Audio – DinoBellyLover66

Domenic the I-Rex – DinoBellyLover66


  1. D-L'Orca

    Cute! I want that dinosaur to stomp on me, please?

  2. Omega

    Uh, I think theres just one way out :3

    • Spruce Moki

      Reminds me of a comic I saw I think involved a taur umbreon where they were stuck in the door frame and the only way into the kitchen was THROUGH them. Yeah, then there was a fun little joke afterwards about trying to get back out of the kitchen, suggesting that they need to go through the “back door” lol

  3. Fenny

    Ooooh, this is fun! Any chance we’ll have something where he tries to squeeze that belly in more?

      • Fenny

        I thought it was a stuck/vore video at first, but still really fun as is!

  4. Mrick Charest

    cv ? i wondre if is it in your plan ?

  5. Nathan Nave

    Dang, I like this alot~ the nice loud gurgles really add to this

  6. Mana

    Sooo… there a reason why this one still only has the preview interactive while the later versions have the full thing available publicly?

    • Spruce Moki

      Thanks for catching this! I must have overlooked that. I have to update each page manually so mistakes are bound to happen.

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