Watching The Neighbor’s Dog

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Originally posted Mar 4th, 2019

Really happy how both the picture and story turned out. I realize the story may have some errors. I haven’t written a story in a couple years so I’m a little rusty lol.

Hope you enjoy regardless!


  1. Brandon

    Always liked this story, wish there was an animation to go with 😀

    • Spruce Moki

      It’s a good one! I do really want to make an animation for this one too. I’m waiting until I get the new Jax made.

  2. Rafael Morales

    Please make more of these

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Watching The Neighbor’s Dog
By: Spruce Moki

The first time Jax saw the dog he was astonished. It was a year ago when his new neighbor, Jason, moved in next door and with him was a huge, practically horse sized brown Mastador named Tucker. A unique breed already, mixed between a Labrador and an English Mastiff, his size made him the talk of the neighborhood. Standing over 6 feet at the shoulder, his head towered over most everyone. Jax loved the beast. The snow leopard visited Jason on a fairly regular basis and the two quickly became friends.

Jax found one thing peculiar. Jason would sometimes head out of town on business for the weekend and get a sitter to watch Tucker. And more than half the time, the sitter would mysteriously disappear by the end of the weekend. Jason never seemed worried about it and frankly seemed pleased. Tucker always ended up very happy and lazy after those events.

It was last month when Jason went out of town again and a sitter was watching Tucker as usual. Jax was in his backyard when he heard Tucker in Jason’s yard next door. The sitter must have been playing with him back there. Jax decided to go and say hi to the sitter but when he peered over the fence all he saw was a pair of naked legs kicking from Tucker’s drooling mouth as he lifted his head into the air. Jax just stood there with his mouth agape… his shorts getting instantly tight…

Tucker carried the kicking furry legs back to his large dog house and laid down before he started to mouth over the guy. Jax couldn’t even remember this sitter’s name. He met the white fox on Friday briefly… and now that same guy was being manhandled by the Mastador’s mouth. Jax couldn’t look away. His shorts were painfully tight now. He couldn’t fully understand his feelings though.

Sure, he would often hug the dog, feeling the heat and weight of the large beast. He would even encourage Tucker to sit or lay on him sometimes… and if Jason came back sooner than he could escape he’d just say that he tried to avoid it. But he couldn’t deny that he loved it.

Jax licked his drying lips, his ragged breath catching in his throat when Tucker suddenly lifted his prize back up from the ground. He briefly saw between the sitter’s legs, noticing that he was deceptively hard. The legs were still struggling. Jax wasn’t sure if he wanted this or not. Not that he had the choice. To prove that, Tucker suddenly tossed his head back a few times and within a moment only paws were visible. Jax could only imagine where the sitter’s head must have been, being caressed by the throat’s entrance, if not sitting just within at that point. Then, wasting no additional time, the Mastador slipped his tongue out and pulled the remaining body parts in and started swallowing heavily.

To Jax, it looked like it only took two maybe three swallows before the bulge of the fox disappeared into Tucker’s body. The snow leopard couldn’t take his eyes off of the dog… from the visibly distended gut as the dog sprawled onto his side. It was only after about thirty seconds of unblinking gawking that he snapped out of his stupor.

The cat had to get closer. He looked around quick before hopping over the fence. It was only then that the snow leopard noticed the collar was laying on the ground. Surely the hound couldn’t get that off by himself, right? Tucker lifted his head as soon as he saw the leopard and started wagging his tail. Jax’s heart was racing. He found it hard to keep his mouth from drying out as he gazed at the enlarged gut. Tucker met him with a wet nose and a lick, which made Jax blush a little after realizing that same tongue just claimed the sitter. His paw brushed over Tucker’s nose as he walked to his side, kneeling down in front of the belly.

With a timid paw, he reached out. He could see the gut moving. “They… they must still be alive…” Jax whispered to himself. A gentle touch, the heat immediately soaking into his paw. His cheeks flush with blood, his heart pounding in his throat, butterflies raging in his gut… his shorts about to tear…

Jax suddenly heated up in a flush as the struggling ceased. A soft gasp escaping his lips. He left without a word, jogging back across the yard and hopping over the fence, promptly securing himself inside his home. Immediately he threw his clothes off and pawed himself to climax while replaying what had just transpired. Imagining… himself… taking the dive instead. One climax wasn’t enough that evening.

Over the next day or so, Jax observed Tucker’s digestion process. Watching his gut shrink over a few days. He even visited after Jason came back home and got a close encounter with the swollen stomach when the large retriever knocked Jax onto his back, walked over him, and laid his body on top of the smaller leopard. The belly squished over him, molding to his body. The fur and fatty tissue was making him squirm in a fluster. He could hear the stomach groaning and gurgling, still working on the meal from days before. Jax was burning in a wild conflicting desire to be on the inside.

—- (implied disposal)

Jax wasn’t around when the sitter was finally disposed of. He wasn’t even sure if he would have been able to watch it anyways. He only knew it happened because while hanging with Jason, he got an earful from his friend about how much crap there was to take care of. The “only downside of Tucker getting a free meal” as he put it. The leopard shifted uncomfortably as he adjusted his shorts to keep his deceptive arousal at bay. Again… Jax had to take care of himself several times in a renewed guilty passion that night.


A couple of weeks later, Jason knocked on Jax’s door and asked if he’d be willing to watch Tucker for him over the following weekend. Jax hesitated briefly, considering the possibilities of what could occur, but after Jason explained he couldn’t find anyone else to do it he ultimately agreed to it.

The week seemed to drag on forever. Jax couldn’t keep himself from thinking back to the last sitter’s fate. And everytime he did, he couldn’t help but start stroking at his growing manhood. Maybe soon he’ll find out what it’s like. Will he enjoy it? He thought about all the possible scenarios. Maybe nothing will happen. Jax was quite well acquainted with Tucker. He wasn’t some random sitter afterall. He was probably getting all worked up for nothing.

On Thursday evening, Jason called him and relayed that his flight may be canceled due to an incoming snow storm. “I’ll let you know, though.” Jason continues, “Snow might end early tonight so yeah, stay tuned! Haha!”. Upon hearing the news, Jax was full of mixed feelings. He was both disappointed and relieved. His emotions were in conflict within himself. He couldn’t stop thinking about it now… He kind of hoped the snow would end early.

The next day Jax woke up to a text message from Jason:

“Hey, trip is still on! I left the back door open for ya. Key is on the counter if you need to head out. Have a great weekend and thanks!”

Jax’s eyes stared at the screen until the screen lock timed out. His heart was racing. This was it. What was in store for the leopard this weekend? Would he be around on Monday or not?… He was gonna find out one way or another.

He was about to put the phone back down when another message came through:

“Oh! Almost forgot! Whatever you do, don’t take off his collar. That’s all! Cheers~”

“Hmm…” Jax didn’t even think that would come up. He felt a little curious why he would bother mentioning. Ignoring it, the snow leopard got himself showered, dressed, and prepared to head over to Jason’s house. …To Tucker’s house. He willed himself to keep his mind empty. He couldn’t afford to be thinking on anything crazy. Like letting Tucker lick him… a lot… “Dammit.” He rolled his eyes at his own hopelessness.

Letting himself into the backyard, the cat made his way to the rear sliding door. A tug confirmed that it was indeed unlocked as it slid open.


Tucker bounded into the kitchen where he found Jax closing the sliding door behind himself. The snow leopard spun around swiftly at the loud bark and braced himself for impact. A flurry of nuzzles and licks assaulted him without mercy. Each broad stroke of the labrador’s tongue matted the white spotted fur with thick drool. Jax put his arms up to protect his face but it was pretty hopeless.

“Tucker! D-down! Get down!” Jax jumbled out. And with surprise, Tucker obliged him. He backed off and sat on his rump in front of Jax, head still higher than his own. No matter how often he sees this dog it always amazes him every time he stops and gets a good look at the size of the big brown dog. Truly remarkable and impressive. And capable…

Jax shook his head clear. “Well, I assume Jason took you out already so I’m just gonna go and try out his new tv.” Tucker gave him a curious head tilt. “If you don’t mind.” he concluded with a smirk, petting the dog’s muzzle while walking past towards the living room.

Grabbing the remote and flicking on the tv, Jax plopped down on the couch and started a movie. Tucker plopped himself down against the couch, pinning Jax’s legs under his large body. Jax rolled his eyes a bit for the fact that even being as large as Tucker was, he still acted like a regular labrador.


The night went pretty smoothly, all things considered. Tucker kept to himself during the movie and before they knew it, it was time for bed. Jax went ahead and let Tucker out quickly while he himself went to brush his teeth. While staring into the mirror he couldn’t keep his mind calm. He’d made it through one day so far without incident. Maybe Tucker just isn’t interested in him like that.

After letting Tucker back in, the cat undresses and crawls into Jason’s king bed. He hardly got his head on the pillow before Tucker jumped up, turned and laid down, nose to the footboard. Jax had his face buried deep in the male dog’s crotch… and there was nothing he could do about it. The light tapping he managed to apply just wasn’t making Tucker budge. All Jax could do was blush and deal with it. Though admittedly, he was enjoying it somewhat. Even if he was a little embarrassed. Afterall, his face was nuzzling up against the dog’s privates. The gental breathing above him soon saw him drifting to sleep.

The next day he wakes up uncovered. He admits that he misses the weight. The warmth. Tucker was laying by the sliding door, clearly wanting to go outside. And though Jax was still nude from getting out of bed, he figured the yard was fenced and no one would see him. He opened the door and the large canine bounds outside making Jax chuckle at his enthusiasm.

The snow leopard joins the dog outside and they play a bit despite Jax’s initial hesitance. They wrestle. At one point the dog subdued him by sitting on him. The butt squishing the cat without mercy. A few pats of his hand on Tucker’s flank and the dog let him go. Jax gets himself on his knees and sits for a moment to catch his breath. Then looks up, realizing he’s kneeling in front of the towering dog, the panting maw open above him… a dark hot cavern. Jax is feeling warm again like when he saw the last sitter get eaten. His lips part over shallow breaths. His mind races with the events of that day. Then… he recalls the collar laying in the grass…

And Jason’s warning…

His chest tenses, his breath ragged. His paw inches closer to Tucker’s neck, to his collar. Is he really going to do this? Is this all it takes? Just… remove the collar and… and… Jax was shaking. Tucker was calm as could be though. If anything, Jax swore the dog lowered his head down so Jax could reach easier in his kneeled position, just waiting for him to do it. His finger catches the buckle and he slowly pulls the end out of the loop, pulling it free. Then, with some hesitance, he pulls the leather tight and gets the prong of the buckle free. The collar slips off of Tucker’s neck to the ground.

Jax… kneels back down. His eyes never diverted. Tucker seemed to have gotten the hint. He stopped panting and was looking down at the leopard with a deep interest. The large dog cocked his head. Jax’s heart was racing. He only just now noticed that his cock was completely free of the sheath in his dire anticipation. If this happens… he’s not getting back out. At least… not the same way. Jax’s skin felt hot and yet he was quivering in a mixture of fear and excitement.

He could… should just pick the collar back up and recollar the dog. Yeah… he should. Jax only shifted his weight when suddenly Tucker brought his head down, maw agape, and grabbed the cat’s entire upper body in one swoop with only a quelled yelp escaping. Swiftly running across the yard to his dog house, while the way, he tossed his treat a couple times to get a better grip.

The snow leopard’s face squelched against the crook of the hot tongue. The dexterous muscle cupping him, contouring around him, tasting him. Gobs of saliva soaked into Jax’s fur. He could feel it running down his body that was still outside in the comparably cool air. He couldn’t believe it. His feet dangling… just like that fox a month ago. Surely there was no way back now. He was going to be food for this dog. Clearly Jax wasn’t seen as a friend anymore.

His paws found purchase on the ground once again as Tucker laid down and started to mouth on his treat. Jax squirmed and yelped as the teeth gently pricked and pinched him. The tongue brushed over him repetitively like the dog was suckling on him. Drool wouldn’t stop soaking into him. In addition to the heat, Jax was in a sort of wild bliss. His cock leaked but who would know with all the saliva pooling over his body.

Had it not been for Tucker’s paws holding his legs in place, Jax was sure that he would have already been drawn into the mouth with how the tongue was handling him. He felt entirely at the dog’s mercy… and he was right to think that. Jax couldn’t believe he’d done it. Here he is, the Mastador’s new treat. Mouthing on him without care. As soon as that collar came off, the snow leopard went from being neighbor to snack… and it was his choice. He took the collar off. But… he didn’t regret it.

The stifling heat and wild tongue was beating Jax’s composure to a pulp. In his ecstasy, his eyes were rolled back and his mouth carelessly open… some dog drool finding its way in. It was in that moment that the dog’s paws lifted from his waist and a rapid succession of head tosses found Jax lodged over the edge of the base of the tongue. This was it… his face burning with lust and embarrassment. The tongue slipped over his belly, his crotch… over his raging cock. He didn’t even last a second when the dog pulled him further in and made the first swallow.

The throat opened up while simultaneously the tongue squeezed the cat against the ridged palate, pushing him back a bit. His calves and tail were still outside, a world of difference from the humid wet maw of his captor. A brief moment of mercy, Jax’s head and upper shoulders feel the esophagus squeeze on him as the tongue relaxes. At this moment Jax notices in his stupor that he’d climaxed on the canine’s tongue. But he didn’t have long to enjoy it… before another swallow pushes him along further.


A third swallow… just like the fox. With the collar removed, Jax went from being seen as a friend to being seen as a meal. In the span of five minutes, though to Jax it seemed more like an hour, he was swallowed down… claimed. A muffled moan escaped from his lips but no one would hear as the peristalsis indiscriminately carried him to his final destination. The muscles contouring to his body’s every curve. Until he finally felt his muzzle push through into an acrid space. He felt one more swallow on his legs and Jax was fully inside the stomach. He… he couldn’t believe it. Just like that. And he’d only get to enjoy it this one time.

Or… so he thought. Suddenly the stomach lurched, squeezed him from all sides. His body shifted on another lurch. Then, to his surprise, his face and body promptly get pushed back up into the esophagus and rapidly dispelled onto the ground. Jax landed on his belly in the snow, his fur completely soaked with drool and chyme. “Did he just… maybe he was just playing?” Jax thought to himself.

Needless to say, the cat was disoriented, beaten, used… a mess. Weakly, he props himself up onto his hands and knees and prepared to stand when he felt Tucker suddenly slip his tongue between his legs. His eyes going wide when the jaws clamp down over his belly and back, legs going forwards. A quick toss and again the snow leopard was back in the dog’s hot maw. This time, however, the dog wasn’t being patient. Going butt first this time, Jax felt the swallows drag him down, folding him up and disappearing over the tongue’s crest with a yelp. For the second time… Tucker ate him. And to think that for a moment he might have lived through it. But perhaps the big dog’s tummy just got a little upset in the excitement.

Regardless of how it felt previously, the stomach didn’t want to let Jax out again. His fleshy prison kneaded against his body. It seemed that this was finally his resting place. Jax was beside himself. He couldn’t believe he let it happen. The whole thing was his choice. That must have been how the fox felt. Perhaps he met him at a dog park or something and figured out that if he removed the collar… Still, his cheeks burned. This time he wasn’t sure if that was because of the stomach getting straight to work or if he was still flustered from the situation… maybe both. He didn’t get much of a chance to dwell on it. His mind started to drift. He struggled to stay awake in the confined space. And soon… nothing.


Jason came home late on Sunday and walked into his house and called for Jax and Tucker. “Hey, guys! I made it back!” There was no response. “Hmmm…” He looked around the house but no one was around. Then he decided to check the backyard and saw Tucker’s nose poking out of his dog house. Opening the sliding door, he called out to his dog and the canine immediately shot up and trotted over to his master, with a large swaying gut underneath. Jason’s eyes widened and so did a smile.

“Heh… Well, I figured it was a matter of time, huh?” Upon Tucker’s approach he gave the dog some rough scritches on his neck and shoulders, then moving down his side to the belly where the Mastador then laid on his side and exposed himself. Jason started rubbing the enlarged gut and chuckled. “Did he taste good, boy? Was he a good snack?~ I bet he was!” He amused himself. But he didn’t dwell on it much longer. He had to get unpacked and ready for work the next day. “Guess I’ll be getting a new neighbor soon then.” He said as he brought the dog inside with him.

—- (disposal warning)

Another couple days pass and Tucker stood eagerly at the rear door. Jason got the hint and opened it for him. Rushing outside, the large canine surveyed the area before finding a suitable plot of land to use. Halting finally, Tucker squatted and lifted his tail, his tailhole flexing as the first signs of shit started to reveal itself. Logs thicker than the average person’s leg started falling to the ground with wet plops. Speckled with bone and some white fur, some a tinge of blue, scattered throughout. It became a mound about 3 feet tall before the Mastador pinched off the last bit and ran back towards the house. Jason briefly looked at the mess and shook his head. “I’ll just dump him back on his side of the fence later.”