Treating Ranger

by | Apr 7, 2024 | 3D Animation, Early Access, Interactive | 24 comments

Buck Club Exclusive Content

You cannot deny Ranger’s insistent teasing anymore. You must please him. He deserves it. You can give him what he wants. He will have it!

A sexy interactive with 3 camera angles of some anal fisting action! Also features rimming, and anal vore!


Features a sexy 10 second loop of anal fisting Ranger the stallion.

3 camera angles, including POV.

Future additions based on feedback!


Features a transition and loop of rimming the big ol’ donut Ranger has.

3 camera angles, including POV.

v3.0 (Early Access until June 1st, 2024)

Features anal vore transition. Almost all the way in, with feet sticking out, and then those feet get slurped in!

3 camera angles, including POV.

v3.1 (Early Access until June 1st, 2024)

Completely rerendered to try to get everything matched up! So now the dick doesn’t magically change midway through lol. The lighting still seems to do a weird thing so I guess I missed that. DEAL WITH IT. It took 38 hours to re-render.


Audio – Jeschke


  1. Elite710

    I imagine it won’t happen with this animation, but I would love to see more vore from this horse!

      • Elite710

        Hah, well it would be a very nice surprise to see!

        As for ideas; AV being the obvious choice, since he’s warming him up to it~ CV could also be a nice surprise! He’s pretty huge, being a horse and all, and all this “treatment” has him “ready” so to say :p

  2. alex singer

    Will you ever Use The George model again i really love that model?

  3. Bradley Taylor

    Ideas? Well how about a tease of the inside, pushing another fist inside so double fisting and then using those arms to spread that donut. 1st person POV of this maybe? Could have Ranger pushing back onto those arms and riding them, maybe clenching when pulling off the arms while doing so. This causing the arms to be pulled, tugging the human forward, making them stumble and in the process leaning over so head is in position for anal vore when Ranger thrusts back in his lust.

    Using the Stirrups? Human can be holding onto them while rimming ranger, so can press face deeper.

    Shaking hindlegs? Ranger could begin having shaking hindlegs from the rimming and end up having them fail, causing his rump to fall down. Shoving the human’s head inside him as the human is brought to his knees trying to hold the ass up only to fail, causing him to be shoved fully inside as Ranger ends up with his rump pressed against the floor.

    Belly Cock slaps! Always find this hot, cock throbbing slapping up against Ranger stomach with each hard throb, could be timed with the human fist when it is pushed deep inside to show how much Ranger is loving the fisting. Belly cock slaps while human is fully Anal vored would be hot too, slapping against stomach as human squirms around inside.

    • Spruce Moki

      These are all quite good ideas! I’ll write them down so I can refer to them as I make updates to the interactive 🙂

      • Bradley Taylor

        Amazing! Happy you like them.

  4. pro1234567890

    Hope to see some AV for the next updates

  5. alex singer

    uh if you see this comment i wanted to let you know that every time i download playful wyvern(an old interactive) it freezes at loading screen.when you play it from website it works but if you download it it don’t work :<

    • Spruce Moki

      It’s a massive file so it’s probably just a reliability issue with the player. It works for me and has worked for others. I would have to completely rebuild the interactive to reflect the more modern interactives I put out.

  6. FearlessFox

    is the buck portal interactive supposed to be 1.0 still or did something mess up on the websites end? Because I was able to access it back in December.

    • Spruce Moki

      Should be working now! Must have got reset because of the website issues I had earlier this year. Thanks for the catch!

  7. Kurtis

    Why can I not view this? There is nothing here.

      • Kurtis

        Not to worry, happy to help! It is all fixed now.

        By the way, ever thought about doing digestion with Ranger?

        • Spruce Moki

          Could try that as an option sometime. I tend to leave the ending up to the viewer but I understand sometimes seeing is believing lol

  8. Art

    What was added im just wondering if its still broken because buck portal doesn’t give me anything

    • Spruce Moki

      Version two now has rimming. Buck Portal is a 4K download. There’s no version 3 yet. I’m working through my commission queue right now.

  9. Somebody

    This AV update is fantastic and was well worth the wait! Nice job!

  10. Kurtis

    Very nice update? Are you planning any digestion to this animation? Or is this it for Treating Ranger. Either way, it is very good! 😀

  11. Elite710

    Nice update! Although, I did notice the cock model changes with the new animations in V3! Not a huge thing, but still!

    Also, would it be possible to get an alt version of the sound without the moaning? (Even just the sound files themselves without the moaning would be fine! I don’t mind manually adjusting the interactable myself.)

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