The Cave

by | May 5, 2023 | 3D Animation | 23 comments

Part 1 – You followed all the clues looking for him. The locals warned you to stay away but you couldnโ€™t resist. You needed to see him in the flesh. Was it worth it?

Part 2 – Well, you got swallowed. GOOD JOB. Was that your plan? If so, then you’re on the right tract. Is it… is it getting too hot? Getting a bit harder to breath? Or is the heartbeat lulling you to rest? How long can you hold out?

Part 3 – Again, you wake up in a cramped slimy tube. You can barely move and the heat of the walls is unavoidable. Maybe if you can just make it to the end, this will all be over.

Additional Credits:

Audio by: Audio Elk

Bunsen โ€“ Bunsen Dragon
Bunsen Model โ€“ Acidic
Bunsen Rigging โ€“ Nutty Mr. Gecky


        • Sean Wilson

          Loved it, I am curious was the dragon fully aware of his unexpected passenger? I do wish he would have come back to the human once they were passed but it’s still a great animation. Love your work spruce

          • Spruce Moki

            That was a topic of debate between me and a few others including Bunsen, but ultimately we decided to have him entirely unaware (because unaware pred is kinda hot ;3 )

      • Micah Pitts

        Hey can I join your discord am 19

    • John

      I keep getting a default image and video when I try to watch I’m logged in through Patreon

      • Spruce Moki

        Whoops! That was a mistake on my end! I’m glad you told me!! Should be fixed now ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Joshua Combs

    Hi ya great work and so excited for part 2 keep up the Vorny Steamy vore I totally love imaging the pov itโ€™s yummily delicious arousing seeing close to being gay stoner prey furry male

  2. Mrick Charest

    i want to be him i want to get eat alive

  3. Nathan

    Will there be a part three? Based on the current plotline Iโ€™d make the guess that there would be, but I feel that asking is the best method.

  4. Taylor MacDonald

    loved it, the fulltour in the end and the hint that the adventures for PoV aren’t over yet <3

    • Spruce Moki

      Glad you love it! It was a super big project for me so it’s great to hear positive feedback <3

      And perhaps you're right! I would like to do something with the mysterious creature at the end ;3

  5. Luka

    cant wait for part 3’s sounds to come out

  6. Mrick Charest

    I hope there is a cv because there are lots more to explore:)

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