Snow Chew

by | Sep 19, 2023 | 3D Animation, Interactive | 12 comments

A tiny little snow leopard ends up as a chew toy for a household wolf!

Does the wolf know any tricks? Suggest some commands in the comments!


The wolf knows NOM! Featuring SLOW-MO action! Followed up by slight gurgling~

Does the wolf know how to release though? Stay tuned for the next update!

The slow motion sequence was quite an interesting challenge! I wasn’t sure how to approach it. If I should animate at normal speed and slow it down or just try to animate it slowly. Turns out it was easier for me to do the latter. Still took a bit of time to get the nuances down! I wanted to get more done but I wanted that slow motion to look right. Let me know what you think!

v3.0 is planned

I would like to include more tricks. In fact, I already have the hand gestures animated! It’s just been a busy few months. It’s on the burner though!


Audio – Audio Elk


  1. Billy Gilliam

    Basic stuff like swalowing sucking moving the leopard from one side of the maw to the other and lots of saliva

    • Spruce Moki

      Good choices! We’ll see about the saliva. It’s quite an investment to add saliva since I have to hire someone to do it and it’s not cheap. So maybe a fundraiser? I don’t know lol

  2. Logan Wallace

    Maybe like a ‘deep breath’ command? Bristle some of the feline’s fur with a long exhale of dog breath. That or maybe like a stronger bite?

  3. alex singer

    i cant wait for this to come out this seems good ^^

  4. Elite710

    I agree with billy that some swallowing teases or sucking on the leopard would be nice!

    Perhaps this animation wouldn’t fit for it, but maybe in the future there could be a swallow tease where the prey is swallowed, and then pushed back up like the Bunsen interactive?

  5. Steven

    Hope there’s a bit of chewing and suckling involve.

  6. rylan

    i love your videos keep up the work

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