Jax’s Little Snack

by | Jul 3, 2024 | 3D Animation | 4 comments


You find yourself trapped in a dusty room and quite small! You try to hide from the large feline predator that spotted you moments before. Can you manage to escape?

30 seconds of excitement with custom audio by me!



Thank you for your patience as I wrap up on the new Jax’s model and rigging. It was a ton of work! I have been working nearly nonstop for over 2 months trying to get him prepped for his debut performance. On top of that, with the Adobe scandal, I suddenly had to learn new video editing and photo editing tools in order to compile and deliver this content! WHEW!

Let me know what you think!

I am still planning to add fur to the cute boy. This will be the next step in realism and another step closer to realizing my goals with his development.

I wanted to also apologize for anyone who has been subscribing and not getting the amount of quality animation content as expected. With Jax basically complete, I hope to resume bimonthly animations ASAP! And with my improved skills and gained knowledge from his development, I hope to also begin work on additional characters to add to the roster of available characters to make animations with!

This was a long long road. Fun fact: Jax 2.0’s journey started nearly 5 years ago in December of 2019, but due to various skill hurdles, design changes, technical roadblocks, time restraints, it took far too long to get him finished. I may make a video demonstrating the changes he’s gone through throughout his development.

Anyways, enough babbling! Enjoy!


Audio – Spruce
Jax 2.0 – Spruce


  1. Startide

    Oh damn that inside the maw pov is amazing! One of my favorite views

  2. Shadow

    Very cool to see Jax doing the predding for a change, love the way his maw is detailed as well

    • Spruce Moki

      Thank you! It was very important for me to make him pred ready! For those extra rare moments when he’s feeling frisky~

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