Edgar The Bug

by | Jan 1, 2023 | 3D Image | 0 comments

You and your friend had come to hang out by the town’s water tower, a popular hangout spot for the college kids during summer break. You went to grab a drink out of your car and when you came back your friend was missing. You figure they’re off pissin’. You sit down and crack open the cold drink when a startling noise erupts on top of the metal container shed next to you. A massive thing rises above you, staring at you with intense interest. Its belly drags over the edge, engorged, and moving. You hear faint screaming from within. Your friend! What the hell are you gonna do?

I saw Azathura’s Edgar model and wanted to do something with it! I’m pretty pleased with the final result. Was a little difficult to work with since the model is made for Blender, not Maya. But I made do!


Edgar The Bug by: Azathura


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