2021 Year in Review

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Originally posted Jan 23, 2019

What an exciting year! Starting with a fundraiser to raise money for a new computer, to getting personal with Bunsen! Man, it’s been a ride. Had a lot of focus on interactives this year and even started taking classes to further refine my craft. Did a lot of experimentation with environments and seeing what my new PC could do. I won’t lie, a lot never saw the light of day like I had hoped but learned a lot from it!

Next year I’d like to do more still image renders (hopefully at least once per month) and I’d like to get back to doing 2 animation posts per month. I’d also like to reduce interactive production to simpler ones with only a few options to help maximize viewing compatibility, and also to help not let a project feel like it’s dragging on.

Some goals for next year:

Continue learning more in depth Maya skills like modeling, rigging, and lighting techniques.
Refine my animation skills.
Create at least ONE character of my own with that new knowledge.
Produce 2 animations and 1 image each month.
Have more variety!

I want to thank my personal friends and mentors for keeping me on track with my work and giving me advice.

I’d like to thank Audio Elk and Jeschke for their excellent audio work on my projects.

SUPER big thanks to my patrons! Who are basically my lifeline. They are the biggest reason I can work on these projects and provide them to you all!

And thanks to the rest of you here on FA and those on Twitter for all your continued support! I’ll see you all next year!

-Spruce Moki

Special Thanks to:
Dreason, Shadow Stallion, Emile Earlgrey, and Milosh along with other close friends for being such great friends on my journey as an animator.

Additional thanks to Emile for helping me with some technical critique and feedback!

Thanks to Bunsen and Malfaren for allowing me to use their super awesome characters for my animations and Acidic, Emile, and Zairiza for making them!

Big thanks to Audio Elk and Jeschke for being reliable audio designers I can count on to meet deadlines!


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